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Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies are the major first aid provider in the world. This has started at Solferino when first aid was given to the wounded soldiers, the sick and injured without discrimination. Red Cross and Red Crescent staff and volunteers continue their efforts to make first aid available to all and therefore to strengthen resilience of communities.
  • 191

    National Societies are active in first aid

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    official languages

  • 20

    million people trained in first aid every year

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    distance collaborators

  • 2012

    birth of the GFARC

A Red Cross Red Crescent Reference Centre is delegated functions of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and is a centre of expertise in a defined technical or thematic area. Reference centres embody the idea of shared leadership between the IFRC and National Societies with National Societies taking the lead in building and contributing knowledge and providing services to the Red Cross Red Crescent network globally or in a particular region.


Leaflet of all the reference centres here